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Developed and tested using Mac OS X 10.7.3 with gnuplot 4.4 (via MacPorts). Compiles using GHC 7.0.4 Make sure gnuplot is in your path and everything should work. Haskell functions are plotted via a set of tuples obtained form the function. If you want to make use of gnuplots mighty function plotting functions you can pass a Gnuplot2D or Gnuplot3D object to plot. plot X11 $ Gnuplot2D [Color Blue] [] "2**cos (x)" For 3D-Plots there is a shortcut available by directly passing a String: First of all, you're trying to accomplish a task, which is to generate and then plot some data.

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Gnuplot. Gnuplot でグラフを書く.

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A nbody simulation programme written in Haskell. Supports 2D and 3D simulations. Building. In order to run the programme, nbody.hs has to be compiled. This implies that a Haskell compiler is installed on the system.

Dear someone, I am trying to use the Graphics.Gnuplot.Simple-package for Haskell (I could gladly use the advanced too), but I only find some using plotList (on Hackage), and some comments on forums. Now I for instance dont know how to save the plot to file.
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Gnuplot en haskell

It does not address all fancy gnuplot features in order to stay simple. For more sophisticated plots, especially batch generated graphics, I recommend Graphics. Haskell98. Graphics.Gnuplot.Simple.

, search. This is the project homepage for a wrapper to the gnuplot plotting package. Package gnuplot. Hackage.
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Descripción: El programa le pide al jugador humano que piense un número entre 1 y 100 y trata de adivinar el número que ha pensado planteándole conjeturas a las que el jugador humano responde con mayor, menor o exacto según que el número pensado sea mayor, menor o igual que el número conjeturado por la máquina. 1. Iniciando GNUplot 3 2. Graficando en dos dimensiones funciones explícitas 3 3.

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